Watt's Up SolAero Technologies

On November 11, 2017, SolAero Technologies HR Director, Silvia Gentile [Silvia_Gentile@solaerotech.com], sent the following memo to company CEO and COO. She instructed them not to speak with me.

Brad_Clevenger@solaerotech.com (CEO)
Jeff_Lassiter@solaerotech.com (COO)

Extremely disturbing.

We cant answer his emails.

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On December 15, 2017, I proffered a settlement agreement. The Company refused to even answer me.

UPDATE February 1, 2018
I notified SolAero senior management I am moving forward on litigation for wrongful termination. There were some 16 families crushed by their untimely and unnecessary Reduction in Force layoff on October 19, 2017. We deserve to be heard. Apparently they have retained an attorney and she responded to me today.

I've been retained by SolAeroTech regarding employment and contractual matters. Because SolAeroTech is represented by counsel, in the future, kindly refrain from communicating with any of its employees, and direct any inquiries to me.

You have represented to Mr. Clevenger that you are pro se, and not otherwise represented by counsel. As such, I am sending this communication directly to you. Should you retain counsel, please let me know, and I will direct any communications I may have to your counsel.

My understanding is you are threatening to sue SolAeroTech stemming from employment issues. Additionally, should you wish to file a lawsuit, I am authorized to accept service.

Thank you.

My response at 2:43 PM

Nice to meet you, Ms. XXXXX,
For the record, I wrote to SolAero management a number of times asking to internally discuss my untimely dismissal with them. HR Director, Silvia Gentile, accidentally or strategically, copied me on an email to SR management instructing them NOT to speak with me. They didn’t ask me NOT to contact them. They simply gave me the “silent treatment.” This is unprofessional behavior.

I asked them for the address of their attorney about November 2017. As an employee, I didn’t know of any legal office or counsel within the company. They refused to answer me. Thus, I wrote a blog so they could hear my concerns. They have called police — falsely charging me with returning to their property — and hoping to stop my writing.

Thankfully, they now have retained a professional. I don't like your use of the term, "threatening." I advised them I was preparing a pro se litigation. I have been professional with the company since first meeting them. I don't threaten. I simply needed the name and address of their attorney, as they refused to discuss this matter with me.

They could have worked with me — but they can now pay you! Happy to add some work to your schedule. Thank you!